Juice4halt Setup Script

Here is another 3rd-Party Setup Script for Juice4halt using systemd (Thank you Bruno!):


  • As promised, here is the script we use to setup the Juice4Halt board on our Raspberry Pi 3b. This is tested with Raspbian Jessie. I believe it should be compatible with more recent versions as well as we're using systemd which is the adopted way of starting and controlling processes.
    Starting the script with no argument will attempt to detect if a Juice4Halt card is connected and wil install-uninstall the service accordingly. Alternatively, the install/uninstall commands may be run directly. Invoking with the help command will give a brief help screen. Anyways, I'm sure you'll be able to figure out how it works.
    The beauty is you don't need to use a special reboot script: everything is handled correctly no matter how you reboot or shutdown the Pi. Also, if the script is left in place and the card removed, it will auto-detect the situation and will not cause problems.

    Things that could be done to improve it:

    - we currently have a separate hardware clock installation script. We could integrate it for models that have a clock.

    - we do not support the alternate pins

    so there you have it, have fun!