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7V…28V input UPS for the RPI 2

The HV (=High Voltage) model requires a 7V…28V power supply with open wires. The wires are held by tightening in a screw terminal on the top side of the board. The external power supply must be capable of supplying the Raspberry Pi and charging the supercapacitors at the same time. The required current depends on the voltage of the power supply. This model contains a Front-end DC/DC converter for stepping down the power supply voltage to 5.1V.

Part number for ordering: J4H-HV-TRM

The new supercapacitor UPS for the Raspberry Pi


  • designed for Raspberry Pi 2 and Raspberry Pi 3

  • >1 minute backup time including a safe shutdown

  • >30 seconds protection against short-term power failure or brown-out

  • high reliability of operation with peripheral devices attached to the 5V supply output. No risk of tearing down the power (e.g. at hard drive spin up)

  • no battery maintenance

  • no battery holder, no mechanical contacts at energy storage device

  • safety and reliability – no danger of fire or explosion, no danger of overcharging, supercapacitors can be fully discharged for transport

  • environmentally friendly – no hazardous materials for disposal, supercapacitors contain non-toxic materials

  • wide operating temperature range (-40°C to +85°C)

  • polarity protection

RPi2 Supercapacitor UPS


  • the ideal choice for Last Gasp applications in embedded systems

  • suitable for all 5V Single Board Computers (SBC)

Block diagram

RPi2 Supercapacitor UPS